I want to start this off by saying: I see you.


I see the dentist in you working long hours to make ends meet, I see the business person in you attempting to create a thriving practice culture that makes your team excited to come to work. I see the parent in you wanting more time to bike ride with the kids, I see the partner in you wanting more quality time, I see the human in you just wanting more. 


Which is why today I wanted to share a few quick tips (more time back in your day, right?) that will help any dentist create more of a work/life balance.

1. Create a Self Managed Practice

Creating a self managed practice is a key component in gaining more time back in your day. Taking the time to create your ideal “dream team” will assure that you get more done, grow your practice and have a group of employees that can trust one another to do their best job possible.


But how does a dentist create a self managed practice?


  1. Hire the right person for the right position. | Remember: You want to fill your gaps, not hire another you. This will be a crucial part in taking your practice to the next level.
  2. Take the time to train each and every employee properly.
  3. Have daily huddles to make sure everyone has questions answered. Transparency is #1.
  4. Automate where you can. Tools like LocalMed and Dental Intel are fabulous for this.
  5. Reiterate to employees that you all share a common goal and see what each department can do to help their area reach the finish line.


2. Track Your Time

I dig more into time blocking and how it has helped grow my clients time in the day ten-fold, here and the Mayo Clinic agrees. The essence of time blocking is this:  You make a giant to-do list filled with everything that has to get done in a week. Then, you set aside a realistic time to complete those tasks on your calendar. If you’re finding that you don’t have enough hours in the day, you:


  1. Evaluate if there’s anything on your calendar that is less important.
  2. If there is and it would take the same amount of time, you switch them. 
  3. You then delegate whichever tasks you have left or…
  4. Decide if they’re truly helping  you grow your practice or bring in more profit. If it’s not you…
  5. Throw it in the trash. Life (and your precious waking hours) are too precious for wasted efforts.


3. Plan for Holes in Your Day

Last minute cancellations and tasks finishing early is a real thing. Make sure you are using Dental Intel’s dashboard to call the patients that have the type of dentistry you want and that fit best in the time slot.  Dental Intel’s magic enables you to get rid of all your PostIt note lists and get the right person in the chair at the right time. Saving countless hours of your time as well as your team’s time. Then you focus on what is most important: patient care!

This will keep you from looking through lists and PostIt notes trying to figure out who you should try and get in.  After all, wasted time is a wasted dollar. 


Still wondering how you can get more time back in your day? Just need a professional who has “been there, solved that” to give you a tried and proven guide? Let’s set up a time to chat, here. 


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