In my last article I detailed ways that dentists can create a better work/life balance. Something that’s incredibly important for profitability, and most importantly, sanity, and touched on how vital assembling a self managed team is. Because of the positive response I’ve gotten on that touch point — and the fact that time and time again this is a topic that my consulting clients ask to learn more about — I’ve decided to dive deeper into the “mini lessons” I merely mentioned before. 


So why is creating a self managed team so important to the success of your dental practice? To reiterate, it lets you do all of the things that make your practice profitable — it will leave you achieving more, seeing more patients walk into the office and with a team of employees that genuinely trust one another — an invaluable asset. 


Without further adieu, let’s get into the details of how you can implement a self managed team.

1. Hire Right

Hiring the right person for the right position is something that can be difficult for dentists to do. Why? Oftentimes, it feels like the law of nature to hire someone exactly like you, someone you might even be able to see yourself golfing with on the weekends or inviting over to your house for dinner. But the truth? You want to hire to fill your gaps. 

Ask yourself:



Still want more on hiring right? I created a free resource you can access, here.


2. Train Each Employee Properly

When you’re struggling to just get the bare minimum daily, properly training an employee can seem like a good place to cut corners but I can confidently say it will only cost your business in revenue (and time when you think you need to hire another individual) later. 


Make sure that you go through each duty they’ll have, leave time for questions answer every session and to streamline the process, set aside time on your calendar (or your office manager’s calendar) to design a handbook that all employees have on-hand to answer frequently asked questions or guidelines to go through processes they’ll have to follow. 


3. Have Daily Huddles

Daily huddles are something I recommend to each and every dentist I work with and for good reason! So why do I recommend it so highly exactly? On average, we can account for about $129,000 of improved overall production that is related to effective morning huddles.


I go really deep into how to execute an effective daily huddle, here, but here’s the Spark Notes version: 


4. Automate It

How can you make your team mate’s lives easier and your practice more effective? Automate tasks the best you can. Tools like Dental Intel are amazing at this. 

A brief overview from D.I.’s website:

I’m the world’s #1 software for tracking, analyzing & growing your dental practice. I analyze everything, automate your day, find hidden revenue, fill your schedule, & so much more. Imagine the compounding effect of doing everything right, every single day.


Sounds worth learning more about, right?


Thinking about need more one-on-one time to discuss self automating teams or other ways you can take control of your practice? Jet me note, here.

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