I want you all to take a moment and think about a few businesses that you use often and believe to be very successful.





I’ll share a few of mine: Uber, PostMates, InstaCart.


Now, what do these businesses have in common?


They make a consumer’s life easier by allowing them to complete a task from the palm of their hand and exist because they’re actively solving one of the most talked about problems in today’s society: Not having enough time.


Uber allows you to quickly get to your next destination without waiting around for a taxi to appear.


PostMates delivers food straight to your doorstep so you can focus on finally cleaning around the house.


InstaCart makes it so you no longer have to visit the grocery store and can instead spend your time catching-up on your favorite TV show or (finally) digging into that book you’ve been wanting to read.


Now, let’s talk about one of my favorite resources for dentists. A resource that exists solely to make patients’ lives easier and help dentists with retention: 




What does LocalMed do exactly and how can it make your life easier? 


1. Patients Find Your Practice Online

LocalMed couldn’t have said it better: 


[Patients] can schedule from anywhere including your website, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Six Month Smiles, United Concordia, our partners, and anywhere else you own and control your online presence.


Why is this so great? Not only is it outstandingly convenient, it also allows you to grow your patient base without your office even being open.


With 77% of patients searching online prior to booking an appointment (Pew Research), I consider that a win in my book!


2. Patients Book Online

According to Decipher Research/Intuit Health, 81% of patients would prefer to schedule their appointments online, so why aren’t you giving them what they want? 


LocalMed allows dentists to set up a system that shows appointment openings in real time, preventing pesky double booking that occurs in some “automated” platforms, handy origination reporting lets you know how the patient find you — huge for your marketing efforts! — and with an average time of 8.1 minutes on the phone for a patient to schedule an appointment at an office via phone (Accenture 2013 consumer survey) you by default give your front office workers their time back so they can focus on providing superb customer service. 


3. The Appointment is Written Into Your Schedule

And just like that, the appointment is written into your schedule — there’s nothing else for you to do! When a patient books via LocalMed it’s done according to your scheduling rules and no follow-up call is needed.


But perhaps the best part? LocalMed works with your PMS and existing recall + reminders platform so there’s no new pesky platform for your staff to learn (and you to teach!) 


Ready to sign-up? It’s as easy as 1,2,3 — visit LocalMed, here. 

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