Two words that often get brought up in my one-on-one’s with dentists? Case Acceptance.


We discuss why exactly it’s so important and how to increase it — because an intertwined understanding of the two go hand in hand to a practice’s profitability. 


Because this one has so much opportunity, and I believe really must be discussed on an individual basis to make the most difference, my lesson for today is short and sweet. However, I do hope it sheds light on an area you can start to make changes and encourages you to learn more.


Here’s my example of the day. 


The main problem: When treatment is presented to the patient, there are a couple of simple key mistakes made.

1. They Speak in Medical Terms and Dental Jargon


The everyday patient doesn’t comprehend what your treatment coordinator is saying and instead turns to a practice that has their messaging down to a science. Make sure to refine the words you’re using and make it as simple as possible. After all, words like “apicoectomy” might be normal to you and me, but not to most people.


2. The Patient is Often Presented with an Entire Treatment Plan

Treatment coordinators often make the common mistake of presenting a grand plan to the patient — when what they really need are things broken down into bite sized pieces. When a patient needs extensive treatment all they see are dollar signs.  If you create a sense of urgency for the next steps, and keep it simple for them, case acceptance will increase.


Treat it like a first date, you would never ask someone to marry you on the first night out. So don’t ask them to accept the marriage proposal the first time around.  You will likely find them running for the hills! Slow down and break things up in stages. 


Want more? Schedule a call here to learn about the 3rd most common mistake made when presenting treatment plans.

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