If you find yourself reading this article on how to retain your accomplishments, that means you’ve probably, well, accomplished something. 


Maybe you just hired someone to take over an area of your practice that is considered a pain point.


Perhaps you reached a quarterly profit goal for yourself.


It could be that you just hired me to help guide you to a more profitable, streamlined dental practice and that’s how you came across this post.


Whatever your accomplishment is, I’m right here rooting for you and popping invisible confetti cannons into the abyss. 


If you enjoy the feeling of accomplishing more in your business, I suggest you keep indulging in the content to follow that details how you can retain your accomplishments and keep that momentum going! Onward…

1. Backtrack

After you’re done toasting (hopefully over a favorite meal — I personally suggest steak) I highly suggest you sit down and backtrack how you got to your accomplishment.

As an example, if your accomplishment was reaching a $105k month in your dental practice, how exactly did you jump from your last big profitable month ($85k) to this new height? 

Maybe you…

Once you have the stepping stones, I suggest…


2. Analyzing

Analyze the stepping stones that got you to this point. Ask yourself the following questions and truly take the time to sit with them + get honest with yourself.

Questions like:



3. Adjust Accordingly

And lastly, adjust accordingly. Move things around in your practice and day-to-day so that you and your team are capable of consistently achieving that goal time and time again. For many, this takes several months. For some, even years. But I can say this: Once a process is implemented and established, the dentists I’ve worked with never go back – only forward and upward.

Tell me: Do you have issues achieving long ago set goals? Need someone in your corner with strategies ready to roll out? Let’s set up a time to talk.


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